About Hercke.

Tom and Katy Van Hercke are husband and wife, as well as the founders, business partners and the heart and soul of Hercke International, LLC.

Tom is the chief executive officer and creator of the Series 7even® line. His background is the foundation to the strength and style of the Hercke brand and product. His history in design and brand development led to 15-plus years building brands and running companies that revolved around developing retail strategies and environments. Some of those key (and happily impressed) brands include Nike, Callaway, Under Armour, Rubbermaid, Dr. Martens and The Home Depot.

Complimenting Tom's background in creativity and design is Katy's business acumen and operational expertise. Originally in TV production, Katy turned her planning and organizational skills to assisting Tom's business ideas in 1993. Katy's been helping channel Tom's creativity into profitable business enterprises ever since, and serves as chief operating officer of Hercke International, LLC.

Hercke the product was initially developed by Hercke the couple. Tom needed to store a wide array of tools safely beyond the reach of his two young sons. Katy wanted pantry storage for the wide assortment of oversized platters, trays and entertaining accoutrements that refused to find a home in her kitchen.

Unable to find a storage system that would accommodate both of their needs, Tom determined there was an opportunity to look at storage solutions differently than all of the "me too" workshop systems available. Tom decided to develop a system that could be used beyond the garage, provide flexibility for ever changing lifestyles and aesthetically appeal to women as well as men.